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Planning to visit West Africa? I can make your trip easier. Burkina Faso, Ghana,Togo and Mali is my speciality.

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Want to go to West Africa?  Already planning a trip?

Whether it is a business trip, vacation, or an upcoming move, I can make your trip easier and cater it to your specific wants.

My company is called Chilala Tours and I have 10 years of experience being a guide in Ghana,Burkina Faso and Mali.  I am a certified guide from an accredited institution of tourism (HOTCAT) and speak English, French, Dagbani (northern Ghana), Twi (southern Ghana), Hausa (the unofficial trade language of West Africa), and Mossi (Burkina Faso).  While based in Tamale, Ghana, I can travel to Accra, Ouagadougou, Bobo-Dioulasso, Bamako,Tinboktom or any other major location in the region.  Let me make your trip hassle-free and nothing but fun.

Chilala Tours offers a variety of tourism packages at affordable rates.  These are “pick and choose”.  Simply pick what you want to see and email your choices to me.  Don’t forget to include how long your trip will be.  Chilala Tours emphasizes personal experiences.  I take pleasure in customizing trips to suit your needs.

Some people I have assisted in the past:

Staffan Martikainen (Turku, Finland): Issah accompanied us from Burkina Faso to Tamale. He was of great help in arranging practical matters for the rest of our stay in Ghana and invited us to see a Ghanian film. He is very friendly and enthusiastic.

Jarmo Pikkujamsa (Brussels, Belgium): Being well-informed on local culture and Ghanian current events, Issah provided us with an excellent introduction to our Ghana trip.

Victoria Schorr (Canada)Issah has assisted me alot during my study trip to Tamale,Ghana.He is such a nice Guy to be with.Very Friendly and caring;

Ron Griffin (USA)

Nana Gyau (Ghana)

Pastor Fulgence (Burkina Faso)

Shady Grove Church (Texas, USA)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.